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Sitka Plant

Silver Bay’s interests in Sitka are located at the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park, the site of the former APC pulp mill. Going into its eighth year of operation, Silver Bay has become the anchor business at the industrial park by investing more capital dollars into the site than any former tenant. This multi-million dollar capital investment alone has created family wage jobs through employment with Silver Bay directly, and with the exclusively-local contracting pool.

Additionally, it has been an economic stimulus for local suppliers and vendors. Over the long term, Silver Bay’s presence will be a positive economic impact to Sitka in the form of new jobs, growth in related business interests, property taxes and new raw fish tax revenue. Silver Bay’s vision of being a cornerstone of the Sitka economy is consistent with the intent of the Industrial Park in recovering from the pulp mill closure in 1993.

Silver Bay initially leased 34,500 square feet of the pulp dock warehouse in 2007 and purchased the 187,252 SF property in 2008, including the 75,000 SF building where the processing is conducted. In early 2015, the company purchased the adjacent former waste water treatment plant with the intent to diversify its seafoods by-products line by manufacturing wild Alaska salmon oil.

In summer of 2015, SBS started operating one each of tall, half, and quarter-pound can lines. The canned salmon are shipped throughout the US and Canada, and even as far as Australia.

Craig Plant

Silver Bay Seafoods in Craig, Alaska

In 2007, the City of Craig solicited for a lease arrangement that would result in construction and operation of both the cold storage and seafood processing plant facilities. After a successful initial year of production in Sitka, Silver Bay Seafoods submitted its own proposal for a processing and freezing facility closely patterned after the Sitka plant.

The City of Craig Assembly unanimously chose Silver Bay's proposal, recognizing Silver Bay's competitive advantages such as possessing a unique combination of ownership interests, plant efficiencies, and an ability to maximize processing capacity due to fleet commitment that all position Silver Bay favorably in the seafood industry.

SBS Craig opened in 2009 with a daily processing peak capacity of 1.3 million round pounds. The plant primarily processes pink and chum salmon.

Valdez Plant

Silver Bay Seafoods in Valdez, Alaska

Early 2010, Silver Bay acquired the Northern Reach Seafoods facility in the City of Valdez. Large scale improvements were done at the old plant during winter and spring, transforming its daily processing capacity from 250,000 round pounds of salmon to one (1) million round pounds.

In fall of 2015, construction work began for a new state-of-the-art processing facility on a five-acre site located directly across the street from the original facility. It is designed to increase the daily processing capacity to 2.7 million round pounds and to expand product forms to include ikura and salmon oil.

Naknek Plant

Silver Bay Seafoods in Naknek, Alaska

The City of Naknek is located 300 miles southwest of Anchorage on Bristol Bay and is the home of the world's largest commercial sockeye salmon fishery. Silver Bay commenced operations in May 2014 for the Togiak Herring Fishery and in June 2014 for the Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery.

The facility has an average daily processing capacity of 2.0 million round pounds with peak capacity of 2.4 million pounds. Two fillet lines were added in time for the 2015 season. A new 252-bed bunkhouse was constructed in fall of 2015 along with the installation of four more fillet lines with enough room for 6 more in the future.

Annette Island Packing (Metlakatla)


Silver Bay Seafoods started operating the Annette Island Packing facility in May 2014, in cooperation with the Metlakatla Indian Community. The facility has been in continual operation since the early 1890's.

Metlakatla is a federal Indian reservation located around 16 miles south of Ketchikan and the only one in the State of Alaska. AIP primarily processes herring, salmon, halibut, rockfish, sablefish, sea cucumber, geoduck and other shellfish. The facility operates year round.

Proximity to the Craig plant enables a strategic utilization of resources between the two plants and effectively increases the processing capacities and ice capabilities/opportunities for both the Metlakatla and Southeast fleets.

Ventura, California

This new state of the art processing and freezing facility will be constructed on approximately five (5) acres of industrial zoned property located on Transport Street in Ventura County, California. Construction is expected to commence summer of 2016 and processing operations in spring 2017 in time for the opening of the squid season. It is designed to process 1,200 to 1,500 tons a day of mostly squid but also mackerel, sardines and possibly salmon, and employ about 200 people that it plans to hire locally.

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